Our Mission

We choose to compete as a CPA firm, providing accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services in the nursing home and elderly housing industry and related areas. Related areas can be retirement planning, estate and fiduciary planning and tax returns. We also choose to develop an expertise in the tourism industry in planning for the opening of another office location in that area.

We constantly listen to our clients, peers, trade groups and the community, and respond quickly to their current needs and anticipate their future needs. That is, we don't wait to be asked, we offer our help when we see or hear of the opportunity to do so.

Each of us encourages and enables each other to perform at our highest potential of output and creativity and in doing so, we attain the greatest possible level of job satisfaction, so great that, we financially attain a continuous high level of profit which places us in the top ranks of our industry on our rate of return per person, recognizing that we can serve society only if we are financially viable. The final measure of our success is that, we earn the respect, confidence and loyalty of our clients, peers, trade groups and the community, by serving them so well that all profit by their association with us.


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Last modified:August 17, 1999